In my corporate days, I always loved helping my team members to develop their skills and to figure out their career goals. When I left the corporate world, my personal experience of burnout and isolation gave me the fuel I needed to navigate my own career transition. It took a while to find my focus, coaching, but I learned a lot along the way. In fact, I wrote a book!

My business experience sets me apart from other coaches and allows me to coach, mentor, consult and support my clients with a wide range of career challenges from dealing with ageism or a difficult colleague to finding a new job or starting a business. I approach my work with warmth and lots of encouragement. I love my work and want others to feel the same about their work.

My process

We begin with a phone call, a no-charge call for us to get to know one another. If there’s a fit, I’ll present you with a written proposal. I try to make the process as low-pressure as possible.

My coaching process is modelled on The Four Windows Process, a coaching model with proven results. It’s a business-like framework that begins by looking inwards, identifying what we love to do, what we’re good at and how we create value for organizations or for clients. The process ends with the creation of a comprehensive plan with lots of follow-up and support.

Transitions, whether in our careers or in our lives, aren’t easy but having someone by your side makes it more manageable, sometimes even enjoyable!


I am proud to be part of We50Plus,  a small and mighty group of women focused on empowering other women over 50. I’m also a Career Coach with Lime Connect, an organization Rebranding Disability Through Achievement. 

I’m a member of John McKee & Associates,  an international coaching organizations with members in over 20 countries. Member of Ontario Association of Career Management

Helen Latimer