Transition Coaching for 50+

At 50+, you still have 10, 15 or 20 years of work still ahead so it’s important your work is meaningful and fulfilling. You still want to make a difference while earning some money.


A New Role

You wouldn’t try to learn another language or take up a new sport without some help. Managing your career is no different. There are times when we all could use some help.

A New Business

Are your thoughts turning to starting a new business? Being your own boss sounds exciting, but many new businesses fail, not because what they sell isn’t great, but because of a weak or incomplete strategy.

Process & Collaborations

It begins with a phone call, a no-charge call for us to get to know one another. If we agree, the next step is a written proposal. Of course, there is time to reflect and make a decision.


Transition coaching,

Perhaps you’re struggling to work through a career transition.  Or considering starting your own business.  I can help. I’m a coach who specializes in business and career transitions. 

Together we will figure out if a career change is needed and what that change will look like. With the objective clear, we’ll then sort out how you get from where you are to where you want to be.

My  customized coaching programs help you navigate your career transition with confidence.


Helen Latimer
Happy excited Black businesswoman celebrating success, winner of the competition raising hands up, expressing joy from achieving goals, sitting at the desk with an open laptop in the office

A New Role

Your coaching program begins with a self-assessment. You’ll build confidence as you re-engage with your passion and purpose, “own” how you create value. The process is much like a business plan – except it’s you and your services going to market.

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Portrait of cheerful african american businesswoman discussing and smiling at the meeting with colleagues

A New Business

Your coaching program begins with the fundamentals –who is your target market, what is your value proposition and what’s your financial runway. We take it one step at a time. No rush. No finance degree required.

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Helen has been a brilliant mentor and coach, encouraging, inspiring and motivating. She has been supportive and gave me a real focus by carefully explaining the road map for achieving my goals.


Working with Helen on my return-to-work job search was such an enriching experience! She provided the necessary support and, through weekly check-ins, the accountability required to stay true to the plan.


Helen set about creating a relationship that was comfortable, open and sincere. A great listener, she was genuinely curious, attentive and an active learner too. She focused on future possibilities.